SS Lusitania : 110th Anniversary

Today marked the 110th anniversary that the SS Lusitania struck Bellows Rock off Cape Point, South Africa (and was lost two days later) with the loss of eight lives. Underwater Explorers decided to pay tribute to those brave men that … Read More

General Botha 70th Anniversay : 54m

On the 70th anniversary of the sinking of the General Botha or GB on 13 May 2017, Team Underwater Explorers decided to commemorate such by diving on her and cleaning the plaque we placed on the wreck ten years before. … Read More

SATS General Botha : 54m

The “SATS General Botha”, a River-Class cruiser was built in 1886 and named the “HMS Thames”. She was later purchased from the Royal Navy and donated to the South African Government as a training ship for seafarers. She has a … Read More

False Bay Smitswinkel Bay Wrecks

Smitswinkel Bay, the resting ground of five wrecks, is legendary within Cape Town diving circles. The wrecks vary in depth, with the deepest parts around 38m and the shallowest wreckage at 22m. In order of furthest out to inshore, the … Read More

The MV Treasure : 54m

On 23 June 2000, the Treasure, a 135 000 tonne ore carrying bulker sank off Melkbos, causing R50 million in damage and leaking bunker oil which caused extensive harm to 40% of the world’s African penguin population. The ore laden … Read More