Team UE is a group of like-minded technical divers that actively dive the deep wrecks and reefs around Cape Town, utilising the services of Underwater Explorers. We are predominantly all on CCR, although some members dive OC. Scooters, heated vests, multiple stages and large cameras are often part of our set-up

Our aim is to safely conduct technical dives, whilst having fun. We are a close knit group, but actively encourage other tech divers to join us, whether on CCR or open circuit.  We have some real ‘characters’ in our group, so why not book a dive with us and become a local too

Once part of the team, you can share in a pool of knowledge and skills acquired over years of diving and through multiple agencies. We regularly meet and chat to plan local weekend dives, so as to ensure that we dive as often as possible and on the best possible (technical) dive sites. We also try plan technical dive trips to various locations throughout the year. Each team member has a unique set of skills and all contribute to the overall success of the team. Come join the fun and be part of the best tech diving group in Cape Town

To get involved, simply drop us a message and one of the team will get back to you