Team UE is a group of like-minded technical divers that actively dive the deep wrecks around Cape Town. We are predominantly all on CCR, although some members dive OC. Scooters, heated vests, multiple stages and large cameras are often part of our set-up.

Our aim is to safely conduct technical divers, whilst having fun. We are a close knit group, but actively encourage other tech divers to join us.

We have some real ‘characters’ in our group:

Alistair Downing – Al or the General

He is the owner of Underwater Explorers and dabbles a bit in maritime law when not diving. He holds multiple instructor ratings from various agencies and focuses on the Inspiration.

Matt Wright – Mr Gadget

Andy Friel – Mr Fixit

Pierre De Waal – Doc

Evert Meyer – Kungfu Panda

Gareth Allen – The Bearded Wonder

Greg Norris

Nick Kay

Patrick Van Eyssen – Skipper or ‘hey you’