False Bay Smitswinkel Bay Wrecks

Smitswinkel Bay, the resting ground of five wrecks, is legendary within Cape Town diving circles. The wrecks vary in depth, with the deepest parts around 38m and the shallowest wreckage at 22m. In order of furthest out to inshore, the wrecks are the MV Rockeater, SAS Good Hope, MFV Princess Elizabeth, MFV Oratava and SAS Transvaal. Given their depths, most divers will usually only dive one (or two) wrecks during a single dive. With a bit of planning, technical expertise (and good navigation skills) however, it is possible to dive on all five wrecks during a single dive!

Team Underwater Explorers has undertaken this challenge on numerous occasions, mainly all on CCR. On some occasions certain members of the Team have also ‘cheated’, by using scooters. The 5-wreck swim is not to be taken lightly however, as the depth, coupled with exertion in getting to all the wrecks, can quickly land you in trouble. Let the experts show you how to do it safely