The MV Treasure : 54m

On 23 June 2000, the Treasure, a 135 000 tonne ore carrying bulker sank off Melkbos, causing R50 million in damage and leaking bunker oil which caused extensive harm to 40% of the world’s African penguin population. The ore laden Treasure developed a leak when approaching the Cape from Brazil, but when crew the realised the vessel was going down fast, they could not stop her from sinking in 50 – 54 m. Salvors had to disperse the upright wreck in the approaches to Table Bay, which was a danger to navigation for ships and the mast and bridge structure were required to be cleared away.

During 2017, Team Underwater Explorers has actively dived the BIGGEST wreck in Cape Town. She is approximately 200m in length and the sheer size of her is overwhelming. By far the most impressive part is her stern, transom and propellers, all which are in good condition. The viz can vary quite dramatically on her, with days of 20m plus, down to 1-2m! With a wreck this size, you never run out of things to see…..