SS Lusitania : 110th Anniversary

Today marked the 110th anniversary that the SS Lusitania struck Bellows Rock off Cape Point, South Africa (and was lost two days later) with the loss of eight lives. Underwater Explorers decided to pay tribute to those brave men that lost their lives in this disaster by diving the wreck of the Lusi today

Conditions were absolutely epic, with almost no swell at all and zero wind. The viz was in the 10-15m range (albeit a little milky). We did two back to back 71min long 38m deco dives on the Lusi and Bellows Rock, even doing our final deco stops at 6m on the reef. There was 6 rebreathers on the boat: 4 Inspirations, 1 JJ and 1 Liberty. Given the usual unfavourable swelly conditions that generally persist at Bellows, this is almost unheard of and is probably a first

Thanks to all that joined us today for a near perfect day at sea. So lekker to spend time out on the ocean in fantastic conditions. We even had a whale join us during our SIT. Another highlight of the dives was testing out the top of the range Suex XK scooter, Eron-D1 interface and Sinapsi navigation nose. What an absolute beast of a scooter in the water. I think we will have one very happy customer

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Credits :
Video – Jason Boswell, Greg Norris
Stills – Matt Wright